Becoming a Mummas Teacher really is a dream job, it isn’t necessarily an easy job, but the rewards are huge. Watching a women grown into a Mum as she journey’s antenatal Classes, and onto baby classes is a total privilege. Many women never get to the see the same Midwife or Health Visitor, seeing the same Mummas Teacher for their antenatal and/or baby classes can make all the difference.

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When I met Nicky I instantly knew that Mummas and Beans was going to become part of my life! The Mummas ethos matched my own beliefs on how continuity of care in pregnancy, labour and birth and into the postnatal period should and could be for women. By becoming a Mummas teacher I feel I am able to share knowledge and resources to achieve the positive birth experience they desire. Then postnatally giving reassurance in newborn, using touch to develop bonding and attachment in baby massage and having fun, singing, stimulating and exploring in sensory baby yoga.

Becoming a Mummas teacher was an easy transition from my day job as a midwife. The training was straightforward and the classes are fantastic. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and hard work since I started but Nicky and the other teachers are always on hand to offer help and guidence if needed.

Having just completed my first term of both antenatal and postnatal classes, I’ve enjoyed every minute of teaching and can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished in the last 6 months and can’t wait for my next term to start!
— Anna - Midwife & Antenatal Teacher Camberley
“It’s such a rewarding job, I am Self employed so can run as many or as few classes a week as I want.

We get loads of support from the other teachers and Nicky who is the owner and founder of the brand. It really is a fantastic team to be part of and gives you so much flexibility to work around your kids. The fees are really minimal compared to other similar franchise And license models. It’s hard work like anything but the rewards are brilliant and I earnt back the money I initially spent on training etc within 6 Months and I wasn’t running very many classes.”
— Helen - Haslemere
Can you imagine being excited and actually looking forward to going to work? Well that’s exactly how it feels now I’m a teacher for Mummas and Beans. I have just finished teaching my first term of baby classes, and I have loved every moment so far. From the fun but thorough training process with Nicky, to receiving a Thankyou card and present at the end of term from my Newborn Mums, its been the best experience. It feels so special to get to contribute to these little peoples development. Every smile, giggle or clap you get from them in heart melting, and watching their personality’s grow each week is so rewarding. It has also been such a pleasure to watch friendships between the mums form, knowing that you might be helping to introduce them to their mum tribe that will get them through the tough early months with new baby! It really is the most for-filling, enjoyable, fun and gratifying job! I can’t wait to start next terms classes! 
— Katie - Farnham
“I became a teacher at Mummas after experiencing the magic first hand as a mummy in classes with my son, but it turns out being a teacher is even more magical! I love watching the babies and mummies grow before my very eyes and seeing them bond through massage, move, sing and stimulate their senses through sensory yoga and squish, squelch and explore in messy play. I get to witness so many firsts for little people and support and bond with mummies. I feel truly blessed to be allowed to share these experiences with our families, who ever knew work could be so awesome!!”
— Steph - Cranleigh
“Being a Mummas and Beans teacher is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

I work close to home with hours that fit perfectly around my little girl’s childcare and I get to see the amazing growth of these gorgeous bubbas from bumps all the way through to them being on the move!

It’s also a real privilege to be part of the journey with the mums from when they’re expectantly waiting for their little one to arrive, then in Newborn class where they’re venturing out with tiny babies for the first time all the way through to Sensory Mummas when they can sit back and watch as the bubbas sit and giggle, clapping their hands and exploring the messy play.

I can’t recommend it highly enough, if you love the idea of working with mums and babies and having a job that fits really well with having your own family then get in touch with Nicky – it was the best career choice I ever made.”
— Holly - Guildford

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