Baby Weaning Workshops

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A 2 hour course on introducing solid food to your baby, which can be a daunting prospect, this workshop gives practical advice on different approaches to take and how to get started. Lots of suggestions about suitable cookbooks and information resources will be given.  Information on the nutritional needs of young children will be provided, along with guidance on the equipment needed for feeding them during their first few years and many hints and tips to help make life easier and reduce the time spent in the kitchen. 
- When to introduce solid food 
- Nutrition guidelines 
- Detailed plan for getting started 
- Equipment recommendations 
- Recipes and samples 
- Safety tips

This workshop is run with Sarah Roberts from Feed The Family 
"I am a nutritionist with fourteen years’ experience working for the food industry and running training courses.  After having my second child I wanted a change that would allow me to spend time with my children, but also to share my passion for food, nutrition and cooking with other parents."


Sunday 2nd June | 2pm | Little Harriers, Dunsfold Park