Video Testimonials

Helen, Mum of two talks about her experience of Mummas and Beans with her second baby.
Emma started her Mummas and Beans journey with Daisy Birthing, she talks here about her journey through the antenatal classes, and now into the Sensory Classes with her little boy.
Jane & Olivia are currently doing our Newborn Course, find out what she loves about it, and how it has made Mondays unmissable!
Kellie started her Mummas journey with her first daughter 4yrs ago, she is now attending classes with her twins
Sharon is currently 35wks pregnant and has completed Mummas Complete and Daisy Birthing with Mummas and Beans.

Heln and Toby talk about why they love Mummas Baby Classes

Anna and Oscar have been with Mummas and Beans for both Antenatal & Baby Classes 

Olivia & Ruby Started with Mummas and Beans when Ruby was a little bean in Mums tummy

Billie & Imgen have done Antenatal & Baby Classes with Mummas

Julia talks about why she chose Daisy Birthing with her first and second pregnancies