Mummas Ultimate Birthing Class - The Ultimate in Birth Preparation

Mummas Ultimate Birthing Class is a  wonderful mix of pregnancy movement & relaxation, geared towards labour. Movement, but not for movements sake, we will incorporate specific exercises which will help your body to relax and encourage your baby into the optimum position for their birth. 

The focus of this class is birth, the best way to prepare for birth, is by learning how to fully relax, to understand the birth process and to understand how you can utilise and harness gravity and breathing techniques to achieve a positive birth experience. 

This class isn't all about "natural" birth, we cannot control what happens during birth, this class is all about how you prepare yourself and how you can control yourself during labour, regardless of what is going on around you. Set to wonderful music, designed to be your anchor, this class is the ultimate in relaxation.  So whether this is your first baby, whether you are planning  an elective CS or this is your second or third baby and you don't know which path labour will take, this is the class for you. 

Over the block of 6 classes you will:

  • Learn specific moves to use during labour
  • Learn different breathing techniques which can be utilised during labour, we aren't here to give you a prescription for labour, but we can give you a tool kit of things which may help
  • Each week we use a different relaxation script at the end of class, this is your chance to truly relax, connect with your baby and prepare yourself for birth. 
  • Each class will last approximately 1hr 30 mins, broken down into movement, relaxation and educational chat (a different discussion topic each week). Giving you time out each week to really focus on your baby and make that all important friend network . 

This Course is a Mums only Course. It runs over 6wks, you can do just the 6wks or many will opt of 12wks. The cost is:
6wks - £72
12wks - £118

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Course Dates, Locations and booking

Other locations include Alton,  Camberley (Launching soon) CranleighDorking (launching soon), FarnhamGodalmingGuildfordHaslemere & Horsham

Horsham | St Johns Community Centre

Mondays 7.30-9pm (Starting 23rd April) | Launch Price £60 6wks (Usual Price £72)

Mondays 7.30-9pm (Starting 4th June) | 6wks £72

Mondays 7.30-9pm (Starting 16th July) | 6wks £72