So pleased that someone recommended Mumma’s and Beans to me after I had my little boy, this is the second class we have completed and it’s been fantastic! Thank you to Lauren for making our 6 week course very enjoyable! I learnt a lot and Thomas enjoyed his time in class too! Will be booking onto Baby Yoga soon, so looking forward to September! Thanks Lauren!
— Emma and Thomas - Maidstone
The baby massage classes have been a great continuation from the newborn classes. As well as learning the massage routine, which is easy to replicate at home, Lauren covered all aspects of baby development and made it so enjoyable for me and my daughter. Would definitely recommend and can’t wait to start baby yoga next term!
— Laura & Lindy - Maidstone
We really enjoyed the massage classes and Penny seemed very relaxed and content after each session - falling asleep as soon as she lay down in her pram. Brilliant! Building up the massage to include a different body part each week really helped me to remember each section clearly. Plus I am very thankful for all the advice received during the chats at the end of each class... including shopping for baby clothes (I have a very tall baby!), sensory toys (Penny loves the multicoloured ceiling light toy) and teething to name a few! Thank you Mummas and Beans for a fantastic first new mummy and baby class experience we have rebooked!
— Penny & Liz - Baby Massage Godalming
I started in Newborn classes with Helen and have been totally hooked since. Joining Mammas & Beans was the best thing I have done after the birth of our little one. Helen has a very kind, friendly, stress free aproach, great knowledge and makes you feel comfortable even if your baby screams the place down. All classes are baby led and i can’t recommend it enough! Thank you for the fantastic classes We absolutely love them.
— Jikita & Michael - Tinies Package Haslemere
Alessia and I enjoyed sensory Yoga stage 1 so much we are doing it again next term! Alessia loves how engaging Helen is in all her classes and looks forward to it each week, we would 100% recommend Mummas & Beans classes to everyone who wants to stimulate and engage with their baby on a new level.
Many Thanks Helen for the fantastic work you do.x
— Hayley & Alessia - Sensory Baby Yoga Haslemere
My son absolutely loved the messy play class, it was so much fun watching his expressions with different textures. The teacher is so engaging and the consistency is great for the little ones. My little one particularly loves ‘what’s in the box’. I would highly recommend mummas and beans.
— Anon - Sensory Mummas Godalming
If you are looking for a baby class/group, this is a must! Very relaxed, easy going and friendly! Enjoyable for both mum and baby.
— Emma & Thomas - Newborn Maidstone
Sam is such a normal down to earth lady who helped me and my husband feel at ease straight away. I enjoyed how open she was and how she made the connections between what she was teaching and her own personal experience and experiences of other teachers. It all felt very tailored to us.
— Anon - Guildford Mummas Complete
Sam is a wonderful teacher. Very relaxed, very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to which is so important with labour being such a big moment in a couples lives. She tailored her teaching around us and our situation and answered any questions we had honestly. Both myself and my husband have learned a lot from Sam and as first time parents to be, we are so glad we booked onto this course. I feel prepared for labour (as much as you can be) She is a credit to the company and I look forward to completing the newborn classes with her. Thank you so much Sam.
— Amy Stevens - Guildford Mummas Complete
Warm, welcoming and made to feel comfortable as soon as we arrived at Newborn classes. I’ve learnt some really helpful things in the last few months and felt totally comfortable when sleep-deprived, or we’ve had a bad morning, knowing the classes are baby-led and everyone can join in as much or as little as they and their baby are able to.
The massage classes have been fantastic too with my baby loving the routines and introduction of sensory play too. Would highly recommend Helen’s Mummas & Beans classes.
— Fiona & Toby - Tinies Haslemere
This is my second time round doing Mummas & Beans Baby massage classes and I almost want another baby to do it all again....almost!
Helen is Just wonderful, real and engaging. She makes the classes very enjoyable through her knowledge plus a little humour
— Ruth - Baby Massage Godalming
My daughter and I have loved going to Helen’s classes with Mummas & Beans since Newborn. I would 100% recommend these classes to any parent who is looking for something engaging and developmental for their little one.
I can’t thank Helen enough for her hard work and devotion to her classes making them exciting and educational; I look forward to going every week
— Hayley & Alessia - Tinies Haslemere
I have now done Mummas Newborn, Massage & Sensory Baby Yoga and have absolutely loved all three! This class was right up my street and also adored by my very active and wiggly baby! I have found myself singing the songs etc with her at home and always look forward to classes.
Helen is Fantastic and always provides such brilliant activities and stimulation for the local lil babies of Haslemere! (We also Loved the recent Easter Party!)
— Anon - Haslemere
We have really enjoyed the newborn classes, Helen was so lovely and welcoming. Such a lovely relaxed group and very supportive. Would 100% recommend this class
— Catherine & Oliver - Newborn Haslemere
I didn’t realise how informative the class was going to be. I thought it would just be a bit of massage time and mum chats but the information provided was fantastic. Everything during pregnancy is so focused on the birth that I didnt realise how little I knew about what was considered normal or not with a baby
— Anon - Newborn Haslemere
The information provided during these classes and chance to talk it through with such a knowledgeable class leader was so valuable especially as it helpoed me diagnose my son with reflux. The change in him once dealing with this has been incredible and I may have still been struggling along with it if it wasnt for the classes with Helen. She truly was fantastic. Every class she provided a sympathetic ear, and helped to turn everyday mum struggles into hilarious stories that made us all laugh without fail every week. I cannot recommend these classes enough
— Sophia - Newborn Haslemere
We really enjoyed the class. It was a goo amount of massage each week and a mixture of activities to keep the babies entertained throughout. It was a comfortable and welcoming environment. Really hope to be able to do more classes in the future. Thank you
— Anon - Baby Massage Haslemere
I loved this class, it was the perfect way to keep mobile but also to learn and practice breathing techniques ready for labour and birth. The group was the perfect size to be able to keep in touch when our babies arrive! Thanks
— Katherine - Ultimate Birthing - Camberley
I really enjoyed attending Ultimate Birthing classes with Anna. The movements and breathing will be great to use during labour and the relaxation scrips were brilliant- I was really able to switch off and relax and intend to practice this relaxation frequently before my birth to hopefully help me to relax when the time comes! Thank you Anna
— Anon - Ultimate Birthing Camberley
Loved ultimate birthing. I took away the exercises and used them at home and during labour! It was also an incredible time to focus on my baby and nothing else, would recommend to anyone!
— Anon - Ultimate Birthing Camberley
I really enjoyed the course. I found it informative and intimate. Anna, not only being a midwife but also a mum of 3 meant she knew all aspects of pregnancy and becoming a parent. I would highly recommend
— Rhiannon - Ultimate Birthing Camberley
I’m so glad I chose Mummas and Beans this time around rather than an NCT refresher course. I loved having some time out once a week where I felt completely relaxed as well as learnt new things. I feel prepped going forward with an open mind as to what to expect and have learnt some great movements and breathing techniques. It was an added bonus that Anna is a practicing midwife in the local hospital, so can answer any questions with first hand experience and knowledge.
— Carissa - Essentials & Ultimate Birthing Camberley
The perfect balance of information and interaction. These classes are not overwhelming but give you enough information that you feel confident about what to expect. The classes are delivered by midwives so you get a true insight into the realities of labour, babies and your body. Providing real life examples allows you to build a more realistic expectation and gives you the best chance of being ‘ready’ for the next chapter of your life. If you’re in a relationship, it can be tough for your other half to truly understand what you’re going through and to feel connected to the experience, these classes really help unite you and I feel more confident than ever that my other half will be amazing. Plus Anna always had the best cakes and biscuits!
— Elissa - Mummas Complete Camberley
Loved all of Anna’s classes, very informative but not cringey as I’ve heard about some classes! I loved how open they were to all types of birth/ feeding etc meaning we have all the information but we can still decide what is best for us. Overall it was great to have something that my partner and I could go to together to learn about becoming new parents. Hopefully won’t be long until I can tell you my positive birth story!
— Katherine - Mummas Complete Camberley
Anna’s classes were informative but really down to earth. She’s friendly and approachable, and knowledgable at the same time. She created a really nice atmosphere in the group where we all felt happy and comfortable to get to know each other. The information she shared has really helped me feel confident about having my baby, and her first hand experience of being both a midwife and a mother gave real credibility to the information she shared. I would recommend these classes and Anna 100% and will definitely be returning for Baby classes once my little one has arrived!
— Anon - Mummas Complete Camberley
What I learnt from Anna enabled me to have a positive birthing experience. I felt completely informed and well prepared for the labour and the delivery.
— Jules - Mummas Complete Camberley
A down-to-earth and realistic antenatal course which is great for both mums and dads to be. Anna clearly knows her stuff and as a practising midwife at the local hospital (and mum!) is able to answer queries and concerns practically and with current experience. There were plenty of opportunities for discussion with the other parents to be attending and sharing experiences of pregnancy.
— Anon - Mummas Complete Camberley
Having been informed by friends and family that Frimley did not offer antenatal classes I must admit I was disappointed. Going through the process of having a baby for the first time is very daunting and having someone I could go to and physically speak to and ask questions was very important to me. My friend recommended mamas and beans to me, saying that their approach was very relaxed and informative and seemed like the kind of thing for me. In fact she was right. Anna made both my partner and I feel very comfortable and welcome at each class and having a 5 week run felt very manageable and appealing. If you are looking for an informative and friendly class these sessions are totally for you. There was no pressure and you always felt free to have those silly and sometimes obvious questions answered. Having access to a midwife currently working at the hospital you are assigned to was such an advantage. Due to how the system works it is not always convenient to rock up to appointments with a list of informed questions. Sometimes you need a little know how to have the confidence to ask and be prepared in your own way.
— Anon - Mummas Complete Camberley
Loved the Mummas and Beans newborn classes. It was a lovely group who I’ve grown close to and we now meet up outside classes. The information was helpful and easy to take in, and there was time to chat to the other mums which I feel was really valuable with this great new experience we’re all going through
— Aimee - Newborn Camberley
We started in the newborn class and continued onto the baby massage also. Very friendly, informative class with time to learn but also discuss topics with other mums also.
— Anon - Newborn & Massage Camberley
Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend the Baby Massage classes with Anna! She is friendly and approachable and very knowledgeable. A fun and relaxing way to spend some positive time with your baby!
— Anon - Baby Massage Camberley
Would highly recommend the Newborn class, very informative and as a first time Mum great to meet other newbies! Anna has a lovely approach which made for a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere 😀
— Sarah R - Newborn Camberley
Baby massage with Anna has been absolutely fantastic. Anna has been so lovely and makes the class fun whilst learning some great massage techniques. Arthur is loving his new nighttime massage routine. Can’t wait to start baby sensory in September. Thanks,
— Charlotte & Arthur - Baby Massage Camberley
Anna made me and my George feel very welcomed from the moment we started the Baby Massage class right through to the end! It was lots of fun, and informative. I felt like I could ask Anna anything, being a trained midwife too was an added bonus. Having a health professional on tap for all sorts of questions was fab. Lovely touch having tea and biccies at the end of each class, giving us mums an opportunity to natty to each other about the bubs and life as a new Mum!! Roll on September for our next class, Baby Sensory and Yoga!
— Louise & George - Baby Massage Camberley
Me and Jacob loved coming to class each week. Anna gave us lots of advice, tips and support. The classes are very relaxed and Anna is very easy to talk too. It’s a great class to get you out there in the very early days. I would recommend these classes to every new mummy. It’s was great to speak to other mummies going through the same thing as well and making new friends.
— Anon - Baby Massage Camberley
Baby massage has been AMAZING! Simple clear and easy to follow instructions. My baby was calm and was happy for me to massage him. Anna was friendly approachable and made me and my son feel relaxed and has helped me to bond with him on a whole new level. Thank you Anna
— Laura - Baby Massage Camberley
Being a second time mum there were quite a few things I knew and this workshop was perfect in my eyes as it was a great refresher for me and my partner - but it was so comprehensive that it would definitely be perfect for first time parents too. Everything an expectant parent needs to know was covered and Lou always made sure that we felt comfortable to ask questions if something was unclear or not mentioned. I would definitely recommend this workshop
— Anon - Essentials Windsor
It exceeded my expectations. A very reassuring and down to earth course that will give you impartial advice and information to make the right decisions during the birthing process. The teacher was relaxed, honest, upfront and forthcoming
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
Lou was an absolute joy to learn from over the duration of the course. We laughed and we learnt, lots! Although embarking on this journey of parenthood (and the birth!) is still a bit scary, I now feel far more prepared with what to expect. The most valuable lesson I learnt, is to just go with the flow!
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
Lou (covering for Farnham) was a great teacher; positive, pragmatic, factual but with a light hearted touch. Also super accommodating in sessions unable to attend. Really pleased we joined the course. Big thank you to Lou
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
We completed the Farnham course with Lou Fox Potter and really pleased we did so. Lou was informative, incredibly accommodating and delivered the course with a really positive and practical touch. I’d definitely recommend this course as a prep for birth to just give you the facts and help you understand your options
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
Mummas Complete was a great course - it was really informative and definitely made me feel more reassured about the birth, and life after baby! I would highly recommend it to anyone, and Lou was absolutely fab; laid back and adapted to the class, didn’t mind when we went off topic or asked questions!
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
Lou was a great teacher, we enjoyed our session with her and gave us some valuable help on our journey into parenthood
— Anon - Practical Newborn Baby Care Windsor
It exceeded my expectations, I loved how interactive it was and we could ask questions. Lou covered everything and even more. A very useful class, it was a great refresh for me, this is my second child but with a 9 year gap. Lou was an amazing instructor, very natural and spontaneous. She put both my husband and I at ease. In fact, after Lou’s class, my husband changed his mind and decided to come and be with me during labour in the room. Would highly recommend the class to all expecting parents
— Anon - Practical Newborn Baby Care Windsor
Fantastic, made me and my husband feel very comfortable throughout and everything was clearly explained, also was very willing to answer any questions we had. Such a Lovely lady. Me and my husband both found it very helpful and would 100% recommend to any expecting parents. It really does put your mind at ease knowing what’s to come and what your options are. Myself and husband are now prepared and can’t wait to meet our baby. If your in doubt, honestly just do the course you won’t regret it.
— Anon - 1:1 Essentials Farnham
Baby Lewis and I thoroughly enjoyed our class with Lindsay. So much so, we are signed up to start Sensory Baby Yoga next term. Lovely teacher and great to meet other marvellous mums
— Sian - Baby Massage Byfleet
The classes really are a fantastic way to meet new mummy’s going through the same things as you! They are relaxed, informative and fun! I really can’t recommend mumas and beans enough! Lindsay has been fantastic and a great source of info! It was the best decision I made
— Emily - Baby Massage Byfleet
Everything! The atmosphere was great and each part of the session was perfectly timed so that the babies were interested for the whole session. Lindsay was always happy to give time to answer questions and give extra advice, she’s very approachable.We had so much fun at baby massage and Lindsay was fab! We look forward to trying baby sensory yoga next.
— Claire & Oliver - Baby Massage Byfleet
Absolutely loved the classes! Learning massage techniques, singalongs and having a good chinwag with the other mammas! Lindsay was very informative and can’t wait for the next block of classes to start
— Sarah & Remy - Baby Massage Byfleet
Excellent course, we’ve loved every minute of it. Can’t wait til the next one! Would recommend to everyone. Thank you Lyndsey
— Anon - Baby Massage Byfleet
The newborn class was a nice gentle class to begin with. I enjoyed the group discussions and learnt some useful tips. Looking forward to baby massage next term.
— Mel - Newborn Byfleet
Great topics, fantastic, discussions, support and baby massage in a relaxed environment
— Anon - Newborn Byfleet
Really relaxing class, nice being on a Sunday evening to finish off the week and prepare for the new one ahead. It was nice to build in time to chat about how our week had been as everyone is going through and coping with different things through pregnancy. A big thanks to a Katie, great course
— Anon - Mummas Ultimate Birthing Farnham
Katie was an amazing teacher and her approach was perfect. No question was ever too much or at the wrong time to Katie and she was always happy to help
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
I attended a 6 week antenatal course with Claire at the end of 2018 into the beginning of 2019. I found the classes that Claire holds very informative and relaxing! - especially the relaxation part at the end!(ZzzzzzZZzz)
— Anon - Ultimate Birthing Winchester
Claire is very friendly and kind, she offered a range of coping mechanisms, techniques and positions that you can use whilst in labour. After each class I felt very refreshed and relaxed. I will miss her classes A LOT! I would highly recommend this course to any expectant mum, at any stage of their pregnancy.
— Anon - Ultimate Birthing Winchester
Sam was a fantastic teacher, she made us feel so relaxed, there was no pressure. She took such an interest in us all every week and really cared about us and our babies.
We have absolutely loved our baby massage classes. The classes were tailored for specific aged babies and had a lovely atmosphere. Sam is a fantastic teacher and really cares about us and our babies. We now do baby massage every night as part of our bedtime routine
— Verity & Theo - Baby Massage Guildford
I have really enjoyed Sam’s newborn class. It has been a great opportunity to meet other new mums and get support in a relaxed and non judgemental setting. I would recommend the course to all mummy’s.
— Anna - Newborn Guildford
A great hour every week to spend with other mums, sharing experiences and getting guided through those early newborn weeks.
— Anon - Newborn Guildford
We recently finished our Mummas Complete course with Lauren and highly recommend to any one preparing to bring a new baby home. The classes were really thorough, covered a lot of information and gave us a lot to think about. we liked that the information covered in the class was then emailed to us so that we could read through it and make the most of it. Lauren was really friendly and helpful. We learned a lot. Thank you Lauren!
— Amy & Tom - Mummas Complete Maidstone
As a second time mum I found the mummas newborn class gave me the time and the opportunity to learn about my son as a new being rather than a repeat of my first born. (Turns out all babies are different! 🤷‍♀️)

Learning and sharing during those first weeks with other mums going through the same made me feel a little stronger and more confident as a mother. A big part of that was the environment created by Steph where i felt listened to and supported, valued and not judged.

When the midwife visits stop and the friends and family have all had their newborn fix, the mummas newborn class is there to pick up where they left off.
— Emily - Newborn Cranleigh
My husband and I attended the Essentials Birth Prep and Newborn Class on 16th December.
Thanks to Sam we now feel like we’re going into this journey with a solid knowledge of what to expect. Although daunting, the information was delivered sensitively and really gave us time to understand and take in a whole lot of new detail. The essentials class has massively informed our Birth Plan and gave us a practical and realistic view of what our Labour could potentially look like.
Sam had answers to all our questions and was so friendly and approachable throughout. Sam was not just very helpful but also seemed to really care about everyone who attended.
Thank you for a lovely day and for getting us even more excited for what’s to come!
— Anon - Mummas Essentials & Newborn Baby Care Canterbury
I attended a Newborn Practical Care class and honestly loved it! Answered a lot of questions I had and gave me a lot more confidence in the upcoming arrival of my little man. Would highly recommend Mummas & Beans classes!
— Anon - Newborn Baby Care Canterbury
I had the pleasure of attending the Essential Birthing Preparations course on Sunday. Sam is a wonderful instructor with so much knowledge mixed with a down to earth approach which made you feel comfortable from the start. 
This is my second pregnancy so it was extremely helpful and reassuring going through the stages and the process of Labour again. The breathing techniques will certainly be used! I feel well informed for when the time comes and reassured of the decisions I will make when I discuss my birthing plan. 
I thoroughly recommend not only the course but any of the classes Sam offers, as you will come away feeling well informed and certainly more confident for when your little one arrives! 
— Anon - Essentials Canterbury
Thank you so much for today. Even having had a baby before I learned lots about my choices and how/why things happen. 
I enjoyed your easy going teaching style which made the session fun.

I feel more reassured now about my next delivery after my previous experience.
— Anon - Essentials Canterbury
Mummas and beans classes are great, they cover pretty much the first year of a babies life and are fun for parent and child. Helen is a great teacher, she offers support, advice and absolutely no judgement. If you are looking for something to do in a friendly safe environment with a small child then you’ve found your class right here, only thing to decide is which one to do!
— Louise - Haslemere
Being a first time mum I was really keen to get out and about and learn as much as I could in the early weeks. I loved how each week covered a different subject and it was really nice to have another mum with with a baby the same age to chat with. Thank you Georgina for making me feel so comfortable...and of course the cake! Looking forward to baby massage in January.
— Anon - Newborn Epsom
Phil and I absolutely loved your class. I made sure my midwife knew as she was the one who made me aware of Mummas and Beans too begin with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your class and am hoping to do the Mummas Newborn classes too. I just love how relaxed the class was and how non-judgmental you were about the different options out there for mums and their newborns. All though I will be trying to breastfeed it is nice knowing that I wouldn’t be judged if I decided not to or just couldn’t.
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
The course was excellent as was Katie our Teacher. Both myself and my husband learnt a lot and were really happy with what was covered. I’m so glad we chose mummas and beans and have already recommended to a few people and will continue to do so. I’m looking to book more mummas courses for when my baby is born! Many thanks Katie!
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham
I was really excited to get started on the Mummas Complete course in Farnham with my partner. Katie was an excellent teacher! The class was very informative, yet relaxed. It was a great way to meet other new mummies and daddies to be. Any questions Katie didn’t know the answer to 100% she would check with the midwife and get back to you. I really enjoyed the classes, as did my partner and we would definitely recommend this class to anyone expecting a little one.
— Anon - Mummas Complete Farnham

Mummas and Beans has been a great support to me and my family before and after our daughters were born, The classes are fantastic and very welcoming, I’m very pleased to be on this journey again with them, Thank you all xx
— Katherine - Godalming