Alton & Petersfield Antenatal Classes

Nicky Sheppard - Mummas and Beans Petersfield Owner/Teacher

"I’m Nicky and I have two little girls, born September 2014 and January 2017.

The birth of my first daughter didn’t turn out at all the way I had ‘planned’ it, which I felt quite upset about for a while after I gave birth. 

My second pregnancy resolved a lot of my feelings about the birth of my eldest, helping me realise that even when things don’t go to plan they can still be a positive experience, and I became very interested in the idea of positive birthing. I did Mummas classes with Steph as a refresher and loved the ethos and atmosphere of the classes . I joined the Mummas and Beans Facebook group and quickly realised that Nicky was an amazing advocate for women and that as a whole the Mummas and Beans team were full of fun and positivity and supported all women without judgement; all pregnancies and births were held in the same esteem and they were about providing women with the education to make their own choices rather than promoting a particular type of birth, something I feel very strongly about.

Having been terrified about giving birth before I got pregnant with my first I realised that there was a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation in the media, and a lot of scare stories given by peers, none of which are helpful to a pregnant lady terrified of the unknown! So I knew when I was pregnant with my second daughter that I wanted to do something to help women feel positive about their pregnancy and labour and jumped at the chance when I knew Nicky was looking to expand.
I’m incredibly excited to be running the Petersfield antenatal classes in late 2017 and am looking forward to then starting the baby classes in 2018. I feel really lucky to be able to not only support pregnant ladies and their partners but also getting to work with little squishes, it really is a dream come true."


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