Mummas Newborn

At Mummas and Beans we pride ourselves in offering classes that are totally age appropriate to your baby's development needs. 

This course is perfectly suited to tiny babies. We know that under 3 months, babies won't necessarily lay down for a full baby massage class. Baby Massage is wonderful in those early days, but the class needs to be tailored to their tiny bodies, and needs. We know, that in those first few weeks and months, you want to meet others at the same stage of motherhood as you, to make that all important friend and support network. 

The course will run over 6 weeks and will cover: 

  • Early Days Baby Massage
  • Baby Reflexology
  • Colic / Reflux
  • Baby Sleep
  • Weaning and more

We will sit, chat, learn, make friends, and eat cake! All the things a mother needs whilst coping with a newborn! 

£63 for 6 weeks

I’m so pleased to have joined the Newborn Classes at Mummas and Beans as they have been an absolute life-saver for me as a first time Mum. Every week we have been guided through various stages of our wee beans early life with a wonderfully relaxed, honest approach as well as loads of humour mixed in.
— Jane

Add our Full 6wk Baby Massage Course & take our "Tinies" Package



Friday 12.30pm (Starting 7th Sept)  | Byfleet Village Hall


Monday 12pm (Starting 17th September) | The Yoga Room
Monday 12.15pm (Starting 5th November) | The Yoga Room



Wednesday 1pm (Starting 1st August) | The Arts Centre
Tuesday 12.30pm (Starting 11th September) | The Arts Centre


**Classes Coming Soon**


Tuesday 19th June | 1pm | Farnham Wellbeing Centre
Tuesday 31st July 1pm | Farnham Wellbeing Space | 5wks £52.50
Tuesday11th September 1pm | Farnham Wellbeing Space | 6wks £63


Friday 14th September |  1pm | QEP Centre


Monday 10th September | 1pm | The Fitness Hangout


Tuesday 24th July | 1.30pm | 3 Counties Church
Tuesday 18th September | 1.30pm | 3 Counties Church

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