Nicky woodhatch - director/owner Mummas and beans (mumma bear/chief mumma)

Nicky has been teaching Antenatal & Baby Classes for 10yrs, before stepping back in 2016 to focus on growing the business. Nicky's training includes: Massage, Reflexology, Daisy Birthing Teacher, Antenatal Teacher, Baby Massage Instructor, Baby Yoga Teacher, Baby Reflex Instructor, Exercise to Music and various postnatal CPD. 

Nicky is passionate about supporting parents, she has a big focus on maternal mental health and has recently set up Mummas Together, and Mumma Bear Postnatal Support. 

Claire | Godalming

I am Claire, a local Mum who discovered the joy of attending Mummas classes with my youngest baby. I am a Midwife by profession but knew instantly that one day I wanted to also train as a Mummas and Beans teacher! Now some years later I am excited that I will get to deliver classes in the local area and use the skills and knowledge gained as a Midwife coupled with all that I have learnt from my own personal and ever changing experiences of motherhood.

I believe the Mummas classes are so unique and the benefits many.. the power of touch in massage allowing for a beautiful bonding opportunity, the themes discussed in Newborn classes that help to reassure, the potential connections with other Mummas or the messy play in Sensory Mummas that brings out the giggles! It is important to me to facilitate all of this in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment and I look forward to witnessing the progression from newborn to older active baby and new mothers gain confidence in their mothering intuition. I can't wait for class to begin!"

steph profile.jpg

Steph standing - daisy birthing teacher 

I am mummy to two boys, William (5) and Henry (3), who are very lively and keep me on my toes! 

I discovered Daisy Birthing (and Nicky!) when I was pregnant with my first. I had never experienced any physical “pain” before, never broken a bone or had any injuries so I had no clue what my pain threshold was and I was nervous! Turns out I need not have worried, using the tools and skills I had been taught at Daisy Birthing I had an amazing water birth with Will and absolutely loved every moment. I returned when pregnant again and this time, as well as refreshing my memory on the Daisy skills for labour, I loved the opportunity to spend an indulgent hour a week focusing just on my bump. Pregnancy when you already have a child running around is less about nurturing and bonding with the baby growing inside you and more about trying to stop your toddler using your bump as a stool/ launch pad/ car track and finding alternative routes around soft play where you won’t get trapped trying to squeeze through rollers! So Daisy Birthing gave me the time and opportunity to focus on my new baby.

My labour with Henry was very different as he was back to back and had to be constantly monitored but with the help of Daisy Birthing I managed to deliver all 9lb 11oz of him on my side and strapped up to multiple monitors. Again I loved every moment of it! Henry was a difficult baby and suffered with acid reflux, so we signed up to Tinies with Nicky and it was truly a lifesaver for him and me! With a toddler running around I had less time to baby gaze and soak up all his gorgeousness so our weekly Tinies class gave us time to bond, have fun together and helped with his reflux. It also meant that I made a fabulous set of Mummy friends with babies Henry’s age, which is invaluable. 

Sadly my baby making days are over now but I am so excited about helping other Mummies on their journeys. I believe strongly in women empowering women and supporting each other through the hardest and most incredible time of our lives. Given the right information and tools we can help Mums to have the best birthing experience possible. I believe we can take away the fear of birth with education and support. Understanding what is happening to your body and why means that women are better informed to make decisions and trust their instincts.

There is an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. Nowadays so few of us live near our families to provide that traditional support network so this makes the “Daisy family” and the continuity of care so vital and unique. Starting my Daisy journey was the best decision I made and definitely my best “baby buy” and I am so glad that I still get to be a part of this wonderful experience, just with less stretch marks and sleepless nights now!

Holly | Guildford

"Hi I’m Holly, proud mum of Ella who was born December 2014.

I’m so grateful that my midwife recommended Mummas to me during one of my routine check-ups.

Whist carrying Ella, I attended the antenatal classes which has resulted in me having five wonderful Mumma friends with who I can share the highs and lows of being a mum.

Daisy Birthing gave me the confidence to approach the later months of my pregnancy with confidence. Even though Ella was eventually born via C-section, I used many of the techniques I’d learnt to keep calm and patient while she refused to appear after a week of inductions!

When I was ready to face the world with this new little human, I loved the baby massage where I met even more new mummas and had the opportunity to bond with my new little daughter.

Becoming a mum in my late thirties was a challenge and returning to work when Ella was six months old was tough too, so I went in search of a more happily balanced life. I looked at my options of how I could work locally doing something I loved while continuing to train people, which had been my career for over fifteen years.The answer became clear when I spoke with Nicky who was looking to expand her team.

I’m delighted to be running the Guildford Mummas & Beans group from 2017, working alongside other local new mums. Those with newborns can experience a relaxed environment in which I’ll share information and tips on those first few weeks. I can help other mums experience the special contact that I found during the Baby Massage course including movements that encourage the relief of colic and trapped gas which many parents struggle with. I’m also extremely excited to follow the babies’ progress as they move on to yoga and sensory classes where the bonding continues. It will be fantastic to watch the little ones’ movements and reactions improve while they play, learn, dance and sing.

Helen | Haslemere

Having had my first child in June 2016 and reasonably new to the area, I
was keen to get out of the house and meet some other sleep deprived mums in the same boat!

I came across Mummas and Beans classes and the baby massage
course seemed like the perfect solution so we started attending when my
little man was only a few weeks old. From the very first week I absolutely
adored the whole ethos and environment of the class; It quickly became our favourite hour of the week leading me to sign us up for Baby Yoga and
beyond. The skills and friends I made during our massage and subsequent
classes provided me with so much knowledge and support during those first months and gave me the confidence to really enjoy those early days.

Knowing that going back to my previous job was going to be difficult to
balance with my new family commitments, I started looking into more
flexible opportunities working with mums and their babies. Following a
chance conversation in class I was delighted to hear that Mummas were
looking to expand their group of teachers. The rest as they say, is history!

I feel honoured and immensely grateful that I now get to do a job that fits
around my family, indulges my love of all things baby and best of all,
supports and empowers other mums along their own journey. I truly believe that a Mummas class, at whatever stage you attend, is about so much more than the stimulation and development for your baby. It's a welcoming and warm environment that not only nurtures your baby's development at each stage but also supports you as a mum whether it's your first or your fifth baby! It truly is a dream job.