Who are mummas mums?

Who are the mums that come to our classes? They come from all walks of life, here some of them & their stories….


Helen & Elliot

🌼Name: Helen
🌼Location: Camberley
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?: Couples Complete, Ultimate Birthing, Newborn and Baby Massage
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?: I really like the continuity of care idea, that you can start Mummas classes while pregnant, and then continue them, with the same teacher once baby has arrived!
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted & What did. you love/why would you recommend the classes:: I definitely benefited while pregnant from Anna’s knowledge and experience, Ultimate Birthing helped me learn breathing techniques which really helped me through labour. My baby absolutely loved massage and we both enjoyed the time it enabled us to spend together!

I would not hesitate in recommending any of the classes I did. Couples complete gave my husband and I a really comprehensive and realistic insight into labour and birth and the classes I did with my baby helped me get out and about and socialise in those first few weeks of being a new mum!

natasha 1.png

Natasha - Byfleet & Woking

🌼Name: Natasha & Harrison
🌼Location: Byfleet
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?: Newborn, Massage & Yoga
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?: I’d seen Lindsay’s classes advertised on Facebook and she had amazing reviews. I messaged her to ask for more details and also see whether she would take a group booking as a number of us from nct were looking to join a class together. She was so helpful and gave us a date that she could fit us all in and held the spaces whilst the other mummas confirmed.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted & What did. you love/why would you recommend the classes:: Those first few weeks and months were tough! Yes I had my nct group but having that routine of a weekly class led by an amazing mum who’d been through all of what we were experiencing was absolutely priceless. She was friendly, informative, reassuring and didn’t gloss over things to make us feel better but instead was honest with us and helped us when we were struggling. The classes were great! Harrison loved massage and yoga and we looked forward to our weekly catch ups. I would highly recommend Mummas to any new mum as it’s such a personalised, friendly atmosphere that even if you end up arriving 20 mins late, having not had a shower for 2 days and in floods of tears, you’d still feel welcomed and like you’ve achieved an amazing feat just getting there! Thank you for getting me through some tough weeks and for all the advice!!

Katie & Ava Jean - Farnham

🌼Name: Katie
🌼Location: Farnham
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?: I have taken part in the Ultimate Birthing, Couples Antenatal, Newborn and I am currently doing the Baby Massage. I have also booked to do the Sensory Baby Yoga. We will definitely be looking at doing the other classes.
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?:
I did some research into birthing classes as first time parents my mum said we need to know what to expect! And the feedback of people attending the Mummas and Beans classes was very positive and you also did classes near where I lived this was all positive and also the hope of meeting other parents which we could share experiences and maybe meet up was very important.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted: I feel with the different experiences Ava-Jean has had with the classes is equipping her to adept to all Sorts of experiences and the socialising is very important.
🌼What do you love/Why would you recommend Mummas classes?: I love the variety of the sessions I have done with Ava-Jean and bonding with her as a first time mum was very important to me. Apart from being beneficial not only Ava-Jean but also myself you create a great network of mums who share experiences and become a great support to each other and the babies create friends for a lifetime.


Treena & Raffi - Haslemere

🌼Name: Treena
🌼Location: Haslemere
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?: Everything possible! 5 weeks Mummas complete couples Antenatal course, Mummas newborn, babies massage, sensory baby yoga 1, sensory baby yoga 2, sensory Mummas X 2, the Halloween party and the Xmas messy play party.
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?: My journey with Mummas was quite serendipitous. I couldn't carry a baby and was actually on a Surrogacy journey when I found out I was pregnant with our little miracle. The NCT classes were scheduled very early on in my pregnancy and not wanting to tempt fate, I didn't join any of them. Suddenly I found myself close to my due date without having attended any courses. I did some googling and the Mummas classes looked very appealing and I was delighted to find that they had some space in Godalming with Nicky. Nicky was incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and very funny!

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be able to carry a baby myself and to be starting the family we had always dreamt of so I decided to make the most of my maternity leave, enjoying my time focusing on being a mumma by booking onto the newborn classes in Haslemere. Helen leads these classes and she and her classes are so wonderful that Raffi and I simply can't get enough of them-so we have booked all of them!
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted?: The classes have the obvious benefit of providing structure to a new Mum and baby's day by enabling mums and babies to get out and have some baby friendly fun with other local mums with babies at a similar stage in their development.

As someone who is relatively green about anything to do with babies, I have found Helen's baby classes incredibly valuable in terms of the take-away knowledge-e.g how to get a newborn to sleep, baby massage techniques, age appropriate sensory toys and play. 'What's in the box' has now become part and parcel (excuse the terrible pun) to opening all our Amazon deliveries.

There is also an added bonus that Helen herself is an excellent facilitator at creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for new mums to meet, bond and share their journeys and experiences. I have met some lovely people through Helen's classes and it's been great sharing this magical year with them.
🌼What do you love/Why would you recommend Mummas classes?: What's not to love? I should make a special mention of the nursery rhymes. Helen knows loads of them and has paired them with fun actions which Raffi adores. Seeing his little face light up with excitement at 'row row row the boat,' or at the flashing disco light as we sing 'twinkle twinkle little star makes my day every single time.

I have loved forming a new network of amazing local friends all with babies born within a few months of each other. We share in each others challenges and victories and it is amazing. I'm sure these classes would be of huge benefit to any Mummas feeling isolated or blue. The support network I have gained is priceless. This is a world I could only dream of being a part of before and Helen has helped to make that dream come true.


Jennifer & Ralph - Haslemere

🌼Name: Jennifer
🌼Location: Haslemere
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?:Newborn, baby massage, sensory baby yoga stage 1, sensory baby yoga stage 2, sensory Mumma, Christmas party and Easter party.
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?: I chose Mummas and Beans when I came across a search for baby classes in Haslemere the classes looked exactly what I was looking for.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted?: We have both really benefited from going to the classes, as I really struggled in the first few weeks after having Ralph the shock of how much your life changes hit me, but going to the classes each week where I was talking to other mums with similar problems really helped and made me realise I was not alone. Ralph has really enjoyed the classes especially now he is getting bigger he loves interacting with the other babies.
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas classes?: The classes are fun and relaxed with lots of different activities each week, It is so nice to walk into the class each week and see Helens big smile and happy greeting always made us feel welcome. The classes are very baby led which is great as we all know how un predictable babies can be, one class Ralph was so tired he slept half way through in my arms and it was not a problem. I would recommend Mummas and Beans to any mum as it’s a great place to meet new mums and see your baby grow each class every week.

Laura meet a mumma.jpeg

Laura - Horsham

🌼Name: Laura
🌼Location: Horsham
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?: Newborn, baby massage, yoga 1 and soon to start yoga 2
🌼Why did you choose Mummas classes?: I didn’t attend any NCT or antenatal courses whilst pregnant so once Hazel was born, I didn’t know anyone with a baby the same age, I had lots of friends with children but as I have already found, it can be hard to really remember the newborn stage as it is so intense. I also realised that I could easily slip into the habit of never leaving the house which would not have been good for my mental health or Hazels development so I looked into what was in my local area. Mummas and beans tinies package seemed like the ideal course, it sounded friendly and non judgemental (and tea and cake were mentioned!!) and by booking both the newborn and baby massage at once I knew it would force me to keep attending rather than slipping into that bad habit of staying at home. I am always really nervous going into new situations and meeting new people so I was really pleasantly surprised when I arrived, the class wasn’t too big or daunting and we all had babies within a few weeks of each other. Steph put me at ease immediately and it was really lovely to be able to just talk about our experiences in a really relaxed way.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted? I have made new friends who have all gone onto further Mummas and beans classes together as well as meeting up outside of the classes. I have also learnt new skills that help me look after Hazel, from massage to help her poo to yoga moves that make her giggle! She also benefits from being in a new environment and seeing other babies!
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas classes?: I would recommend these classes to anyone with a baby, there are classes to suit all ages and stages. They are really accessible and fun and there is no pressure, your baby can cry the whole way through (as Hazel frequently does!) or even sit sections out if they are not enjoying it for any reason. We all support each other if we have had a rough night or we need advice and I have found that invaluable during these first 6/7 months of being a Mumma myself! Thank you Steph!

Meet a mumma canterbury.jpg

Jemma & Bentley - Canterbury

🌼Name: Jemma & Bentley
🌼Location: Canterbury
🌼Which classes have you done with Mummas & Beans?
Antenatal Practical Newborn Care & Newborn Classes
🌼What do you love about Mummas classes?
Mummas classes are all so welcoming and informative. They gave me such a good idea of what to expect being a first time mummy and Sam helped me to find confidence I was really struggling to find. Once I started to attend with my little one I automatically felt comfortable and at ease with all the mummas there, Sophie was so lovely, patient and knowledgeable. Even on days we were struggling all the mummies and Sophie and Sam supported us and made the experience a truly unforgettable one.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted?
I felt the Mummas classes gave me confidence to be the best mummy I could be. I struggled with the thought of getting out on my own with a new born for the first time, however Mummas & Beans Newborn classes were the perfect place to start. It allowed be to be sociable with other mummies and allowed Bentley to be around other babies. It gave me knowledge on different aspects of Newborn care, such as massage, first aid, weaning and many others.
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas classes?
I would 100% recommend all stages of Mummas and Beans classes. Both pre and post birth. I think they’re a wonderful and exciting part of pregnancy and being a mummy.

Stacey Meet a Mumma.jpeg

Stacey & Elena - Byfleet

🌼Name: Stacey Webber
🌼 Location: Old Woking (Surrey)
🌼Which Classes have you done? I have been on a Mummas journey from bump to baby! I did two terms of antenatal with Steph (Guildford) which were brilliant. It was my fav time of every week and gave me some much needed relax and unwind time. Since having Elenie we have been on an adventure with the lovely Lindsay through baby massage (twice), sensory yoga and now Sensory Mummas
🌼 What do you love about Mummas Classes?: I chose Mummas because of the ethos and values it has as a ‘tribe’. You walk into a class and feel accepted. When you talk you are listened too and the education of birth and development by the teachers is amazing. The classes provide you with more confidence to be proud, to be brave and most of all to just be you. My little one has benefitted from the love and care that these classes provide and fostering the ‘we are all in it together’ approach means you feel supported every step of the way.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: Me and my baby girl have a special bond that is just perfect for us and the support from Mumma’s just reinforces that there is no right or wrong way - just your way and your own journey as a family.
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas Classes?: I have and will continue to recommend Mumma’s to all I know - they see me happy, content and confident! Why wouldn’t they give it a try 😁❤️

Laura & James - Camberley

🌼Name: Laura
🌼 Location: Blackwater
🌼Which Classes have you done?: We have been to a couple of classes, baby massage, sensory baby yoga and we are looking forward to our next session in January.
🌼 What do you love about Mummas Classes?: The classes were recommended to me so James and I came to baby massage it was amazing the other mum's and babies were lovely and fun. Our teacher Anna was/Is lovely she made us feel welcome and part of the group, she gave us clear vocal instructions and brilliant visual aids. I love the fact that I have made a couple of mummy friends and James has made a couple of friends which is amazing :D
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: I feel that James and I have benefited from mummas because it has enhanced our relationship and bond. James loves learning and experiencing new things and I get to see what he is capable of
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas Classes?: I would highly recommend mummas to any one and everyone it's amazing and just a great experience for mummy and baby. Thank you ladies!!


Nuala - Farnham

🌼Name: Nuala
🌼 Location: Farnham
🌼Which Classes have you done?: Baby Massage, Sensory Yoga Stage 1, Sensory Yoga Stage 2 and we are about to embark on another term of Stage 2 Sensory Yoga in January
🌼What do you love about Mummas Classes?: All the activities are easy to learn and I like the level of repetition, it’s pitched at just the right level, it’s so lovely to see the babies get excited when they know what’s coming next. The classes are suitable for anyone, everyone is made to feel welcome (my husband has attended a few classes and what I thought would make him feel out of his comfort zone he has come back raving about!).
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: As I said, our baby is pretty relaxed but bursting into a song we’ve learnt at Mummas & Beans never fails to get a smile when required! We’ve found the techniques to aid digestion and relieve constipation really effective and easy to do at home. Some of the yoga moves can be a bit terrifying (although our dare devil baby loves them!) but they really help you become more confident in handling your baby, I think they help the babies gain control over their bodies and make them more aware of their actions.
🌼Why would you recommend Mummas Classes?: The classes are a nice size and typically the babies are all quite close in age. It’s lovely to see how they grow and progress through the term. The activities are fun and I love the fact there is a bit of science behind them, Katie always takes the time to explain the benefits and why we’re doing what we’re doing. As soon as we enter the room our baby’s face lights up so that says it all for me!

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Louise - Haslemere

🌼Name: Louise
🌼 Location: Haslemere
🌼Which Classes have you done?: Everything that it was possible to including the little toddler parties at Christmas etc.

🌼What made you choose Mummas?: A whole load of coincidences really. After having a pretty stressful time with pregnancy I wanted to do something with my son. I thought baby massage as someone I knew said they’d enjoyed doing it with their baby and I knew absolutely nothing about baby classes or what you could do so that was a starting point. My husband had seen a sign on the car of one of our neighbours saying Mummas and beans, had looked up what they did and they happened to do baby massage in a very convenient location between Liphook and haslemere. I enquired and ended up signing up for the newborn class as my son was quite small at the time.
🌼What do you love about Mummas Classes?: The classes grow with the child so if you like the first one it’s worth doing the lot as they are different but follow a similar format. I’m sure doing the classes have helped my sons confidence around other people. I always felt very safe in the classes and that whatever I chose for my son I wasn’t being judged on - it’s about that time with your child and if the child is not having a great day that doesn’t matter as it happens to everyone at some point!
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: They made me feel more confident. It got Henry used to being in different environment and doing things with other babies and other people. He seemed to enjoy himself and I enjoyed my time with him doing an activity for both of which is why we ended up doing all the classes. I also made a group of friends with similar aged babies and that created a support network for any tough times.


Lilly & Oscar - Farnham

🌼Name: Lilly
🌼 Location: Farnham
🌼Which Classes have you done?: Mummas Complete Antenatal, Newborns, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga Stage 1, Baby Yoga Stage 2.
🌼What made you choose Mummas?: I choose Mummas for Antenatal classes as the course was really comprehensive and also included newborn care. The class was very supportive and inclusive of all different types of births and parenting styles. I love all the mummas classes because they’re relaxed, friendly and fun and informative. Katie is always positive and happy to answer all the new Mum questions we all have.
I went to the newborn classes when Oscar was 9 days old and I think the class really helped get me out the house and build confidence in those early days. It also helped build friendships with the other mums who I now see weekly.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: Mummas classes have given me confidence, support and a network of new mums/friends that have been invaluable in the last 9 months. Oscar has loved the classes and growing up with all the other babies.
🌼What do you love/Why would you recommend?: I’d recommend Mummas classes because they’re good value, friendly, fun and supportive :)

Meet a Mumma Claire.png

Claire - Byfleet

🌼Name: Claire
🌼 Location: Byfleet
🌼Which Classes have you done?: Newborn, baby massage, yoga and sensory :)
🌼What made you choose Mummas?: I liked that it was a local class and that there were stages of classes that you progressed through. Lindsay was very approachable and knowledgeable when I contacted her, it was my first baby class and I was instantly put at ease.
🌼How have you/your baby benefitted from classes?: Newborn class was amazing, it was lovely to meet other mummas going through the same as I was. Baby massage was a life saver for colic and gave me something to add to our bedtime routine. Baby yoga was really fun! I loved all of the songs and still sing them to Ivy now. Finally the sensory class was the last we attended. I really liked the balance of messy play and activities beforehand.
🌼What do you love/Why would you recommend?: I would 100% recommend these classes. I met some mummas who will be friends for life. Ivy and Finley still see each other and meeting the Semple family has been one of the biggest highlights of having a baby