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Sarah Beer - Mummas and Beans Lincoln Owner / Teacher

I'm Sarah! Mum to one opinionated toddler (2017). My first pregnancy felt like a breeze, I was so relaxed about everything I look back and wonder if I wasn't a little bit in denial. Like most parents-to-be, my partner and I took antenatal classes and while I could probably recite the stages of labour without blinking, nothing prepared me for the transition to motherhood and life with a newborn.

I'm really excited to be bringing Mummas & Beans antenatal classes to the women and families of Lincolnshire. I am passionate about giving evidence based, non judgemental information so that parents can ask questions and get the best from their birth experience. I love that at Mummas & Beans we have classes just for mums to be, to explore the transition to motherhood and prepare for birth in a relaxed, safe environment.