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Vikki Etherington - Horsham Teacher

I’m Vikki, I have a background working on maternity wards as a support worker and as a student midwife, I was sadly unable to qualify after having personal difficulties.

I have since worked in a children’s nursery and for the last two years on my own as a childminder, which I am still doing. I also have three children of my own.

Although I was unable to qualify as a midwife, those who know me will know that my first love has always been midwifery, in particular supporting women and their families during the antenatal and postnatal periods. So, on discovering Mummas and Beans I realised it was the perfect opportunity for me. 

My own pregnancies and births were fairly straight forward (apart from severe hyperemesis during pregnancy) and the births were all considered ‘normal’. I am aware how lucky I was; however, my troubles came after. My first child was born small and spent the first week of his life in special care, this was an incredibly stressful time, especially as a new young clueless mum! This lead to me suffering postnatal depression, which manifested itself as panic attacks and eventually I became agoraphobic. I worried about everything and anything and followed religiously ‘by the book’ techniques. After a lot of support and CBT I went on to have my daughter, looking after her was a different experience all together, we came home within 8 hours of birth and she fed and slept well, a few years later I had my youngest. I did manage to breastfeed all three, however my youngest was forever hungry and in the end I gave formula as well, I remember clearly thinking that this was a failing, sadly this was the impression given too. 

Now my children are older, I realise that regardless of the different approaches I used, they have all turned out ok! (mostly!) What I can 100% say to you is that there is no perfect way to parent. I aim to give relaxed, informal and fun information without constraints, it is your body, your baby, and you have choices.



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