Hong Kong Antenatal Classes


Allí Sullivan - Hong Kong Teacher

"I have been a nurse and midwife for many years. 

I worked as a labour ward midwife  when I first qualified before joining the community team. 

For the last three years I have  been living in India. There is no midwifery model of care there. 
Therefore I  worked as a volunteer  which included hospital and community work .I also helped with an NGO charity promoting maternal health. 

I now live in Hong Kong and  am looking forward to teaching the Mummas and Beans antenatal classes here. It's going to be great to take it to another part of the world. 
I loved this course which is evidence based information  designed by midwives. It gives the pregnant woman the tools they need to understand choices and help them have realistic expectations. 

I am married and have three sons. 

I am studying towards a PGCert in perinatal and maternal mental health which I will complete this summer."

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