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Helen Meredith Mummas and Beans Haslemere Baby/Postnatal Owner/Teacher

Having had my first child in June 2016, I was keen to get out of the house and meet other sleep deprived mums in the same boat! I came across Mummas & Beans classes and the Newborn course seemed like the perfect solution so we started attending when my little man was only a few weeks old. From the very first week I absolutely adored the whole ethos and environment of the class; It quickly became our favourite hour of the week leading me to sign us up for Baby Massage and the rest of the classes. The skills and friends I made during our classes provided me with so much knowledge and support during that crazy transition into motherhood and gave me the confidence to really enjoy those early days & months.

I knew I didn’t want to go back to my ‘9-5 corporate job’ so when I heared Mummas were looking to expand their group of teachers I jumped at the chance. The rest as they say, is history!

I feel honoured and immensely grateful that I now get to do a job that fits around my family, indulges my love of all things baby and best of all, supports and empowers other mums along their own journey. I truly believe that a Mummas class, at whatever stage you attend, is about so much more than the stimulation and development for your baby. It's a welcoming and warm environment that not only nurtures your baby's development at each stage but also supports you as a mum whether it's your first or your fifth baby! It truly is a dream job.

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Claire Jenkins - Haslemere, Petworth & Midhurst Antenatal Owner / Teacher

Hi, I’m Claire. Mum to Jocelyn, an energetic toddler, and also a small menagerie of animals.

I consider that I was fairly lucky with my pregnancy, I enjoyed being pregnant and despite the surprise of Joss arriving nearly 4 weeks early, we had a very quick birth, a healthy baby and fantastic aftercare. Having Joss so early made me realise that no 2 pregnancies are the same and no matter how prepared and organised you think you are, you need to expect the unexpected! I really do believe that knowledge is power, and so just knowing about my options and about everything that could happen when baby arrived helped me to feel calm and in control when the moment came. Is also made me realise that there’s no right or wrong way to give birth, every birth story is unique.

Once we had Joss I decided that I wanted more of a work/life balance, so rather than head back into the corporate world, I started teaching paediatric first aid. I run classes for expectant parents, and I love being part of this time in people’s lives. Talking to expectant parents during my classes made me realise how much pressure new parents can feel under, to do things a certain way, and so in joining the Mummas family I really hope that I can help ease some of that pressure and help new mums and dads on their journey into parenthood.

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