Daisy Birthing

All inclusive Active Antenatal method is a ground breaking, effective and all encompassing pregnancy class helping you to learn your antenatal education in a truly effective way - anchored to your breath, your body and your movement - exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day.

Learning antenatal education in isolation (and often in the latter part of pregnancy) does not give you the time or ability to prepare the body or the mind – for birthing techniques to be effective, practice is essential. Our antenatal education and active birth techniques are delivered in a truly effective way – linking your education to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day. We cover traditional antenatal education; active birth principles and an easy way to understand medical induction and interventions should your birth take that route. This combination ensures you are actively informed and prepared to make choices for you and your baby on your birthing day (and of course birth partners too!).

Each week we progress through a different topic of education, understanding how our body will be adapting to the stages of labour and learning how to implement that knowledge on the day – so whether it is medical interventions, natural c-sections, home births or VBAC’s, Daisy Birthing prepares you to be confident on your babies birthing day.

£72 for a block of 6, £118 for 12.

Antenatal Packages

If you are interested in adding one of our Couples Classes, you may be want to take one of our Antenatal Packages. 

Daisy birthing with Steph - hands down, the best decision I made during my pregnancy!
— Sarah - Guildford

Course Dates, Locations and booking

Little harriers day nursery | Cranleigh

Wednesday 7.30pm - 9pm | Starts 27th Sept 

Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Starts 8th November (NO CLASS 15th NOVEMBER)

Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm | Starts Wed 3rd Jan 2018

QE Park Centre | Guildford

Tuesdays 7.45pm - 9.15pm | Starts 26th September 

Tuesdays 7.45-9.15pm | Starts 7th November (NO CLASS 14th NOVEMBER)

Tuesdays 7.45pm - 9.15pm | Starts 2nd Jan 2018

United Church | Godalming

Sunday 730-9pm | Starts 1st October 

Sunday 7.30pm - 9pm | Starts 19th November 5wk COURSE - £60

Sunday 7.30pm - 9pm | Starts 7th Jan 2018