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Steph Standing - Cranleigh & Horsham Teacher & Owner

I am a mum to 2 boys who were born in 2011 and 2013. I found Mummas and Beans as a scared and anxious firsts time mum who was petrified about giving birth! I attended birthing classes with Nicky during my first pregnancy and loved them so much I came back for more with my second pregnancy and stuck around for all the baby classes too. I loved my births with my children, each was very, very different but incredibly empowering and positive.

Upon returning to my office job after my second maternity leave I found the stress of juggling a demanding job and two children very difficult. I decided that a change in career was need to allow me more flexibility to spend time with my children and save on astronomical childcare costs.

So in 2015 I joined Mummas and Beans! I teach antenatal classes, ultimate birthing and baby classes and host birthday parties. I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB! Helping couples prepare for birth and then watching those bumps turn in to babies is such a privilege. Then watching those babies grow and develop in class is just the most wonderful experience.

I am very passionate about positive birth and aiding couples in making informed decisions through the pregnancy and birthing process. I believe in parents supporting parents free from any judgement! My classes are everything you would expect from a first class antenatal or baby class, educational, informative, age appropriate for your baby and a fun and relaxed environment for parents.

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