Would you like, quite literally, the best job in the world?


Becoming a Mummas Teacher really is a dream job, it isn’t necessarily an easy job, but the rewards are huge. Watching a women grown into a Mum as she journey’s through antenatal classes, and onto baby classes is a total privilege. Many women never get to the see the same Midwife or Health Visitor, seeing the same Mummas Teacher for their antenatal and/or baby classes can make all the difference.

We are looking for new teachers, to run their own Mummas and Beans business (in specified geographical areas).

You would receive full training, and no experience is necessary, just a passion for supporting and helping women through motherhood. 

Mummas and Beans is an award winning, proven formula, we support and empower parents, we are passionate about our brand, and have a brilliant community of teachers all equally as passionate. So if  you would like to join us, please fill out the form below. 

We are very proud to have gained FEDANT Accreditation

“Mumma to Be” - Antenatal Teacher

Our comprehensive Midwife Devised Training course will equip you to deliver the following courses in your area.

“Mumma is Me” - Postnatal Leader

Our comprehensive face to face training will equip you to deliver the following courses.

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