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Would you like, quite literally, the best job in the world?

We are looking for new teachers, to run their own Mummas and Beans business (in specified geographical areas).

You would receive full training, and no experience is necessary, just a passion for supporting and helping women through motherhood. 

Mummas and Beans is an award winning, proven formula, we support and empower parents, we are passionate about our brand, and have a brilliant community of teachers all equally as passionate. So if  you would like to join us, please fill out the form below. 

Mumma is Me - Postnatal Leader

5 day training course, you will be trained in:

**Next Postnatal training Course** 
March 2018 - Surrey
Thursday 15th, Friday 16th March
Wednesday 21st March - Friday 23rd March
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June/July 2018 - Surrey
Thursday 28th June - Friday 29th June
Wednesday 4th July - Friday 6th July

September 2018 - Surrey
Thursday 13th Friday 14th Sept
Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st September
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Mumma to Be - Antenatal Teacher

8 Day training course (Rising to 10 Days from April - 4 Days for Qualified Midwives, rising to 6 days from April). You will learn how to deliver our Signature Antenatal Courses:

**Next Antenatal Training Course** 
Midwife Only - Surrey

April 2018
Thursday 19th  - Saturday 21st April
Thursday 26th April - Saturday 28th April

October 2018
Wednesday 3rd October - Friday 5th October
Wednesday 10th October - Friday 12th October 

Antenatal Training - Non Midwives
June 2018
Monday 11th - Friday 15th June 2018
Monday 17th - Friday 22nd June 2018

November 2018
Monday 19th November - Friday 23rd November
Monday 26th November - Friday 30th November

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“It’s such a rewarding job, I am Self employed so can run as many or as few classes a week as I want.

We get loads of support from the other teachers and Nicky who is the owner and founder of the brand. It really is a fantastic team to be part of and gives you so much flexibility to work around your kids. The fees are really minimal compared to other similar franchise and license models.

It’s hard work like anything but the rewards are brilliant and I earnt back the money I initially spent on training etc within 6 Months and I wasn’t running very many classes”
— Helen - Haslemere Teacher

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