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Lindsay Parker - Mummas and Beans Byfleet , Woking & Weybridge Owner/Teacher

"I'm Lindsay, proud Mum of two. Before I became a Mum I think I had a romantic and idealistic view of birth and parenthood. The reality is so very different and has profoundly changed me as a person.

I have had two c-sections and they were two very different experiences, one was traumatic and one was actually quite amazing and empowering. I mainly bottle fed my first baby and breastfed my second baby. I puréed food for my first baby and am enjoying baby led weaning with my second. One cried a lot, the second smiles a lot. It has taught me so much and I think the main lesson I have learnt is there is not a one size fits all approach to birth or parenting. An open mind is paramount and I'm still learning now and my second is 7 months.

Since I graduated my background has been in customer service, account management and sales support for a big corporate company. I put a lot of pressure on myself to go back to work after my first baby was one and I felt different, I didn't feel any passion for the job when I had a beautiful boy waiting for me at home. So after I had my second I knew it was time for a change.

For me, being a Mum is the best job I have ever had. But it is hard. And tiring. And a huge rollercoaster ride. I have been attending baby groups and mixing with other Mums for nearly 3 years now. My confidence has grown and I have realised that I don't want to sit behind a desk talking to people over email and phone. I am a peoples person and I have a lot of care and passion to give. So working for Mummas and Beans seemed like the perfect fit for me. I really want to give something back and work with other Mums and babies, I am very excited for the next chapter! "

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