Bromley & Chislehurst Baby Classes


Satu Francis - Bromley & Chislehurst, Baby Class Teacher & Owner

“I am a proud mum of two gorgeous children, Lenny (2011) and Leila (2018). They are my greatest achievement in life.

Even though I had experience looking after newborns, nothing quite prepared me for the exciting ride of having my own!! The journey has also been so completely different with both of them. What worked seven years ago with my first, has not always worked with number two and I keep learning new things all the time.

For twenty years I have worked with children, including babies and children with special needs and complex learning difficulties. I have also been running baby and toddler music classes at Finnish Saturday school since Lenny was a baby. I look forward to being able to share all that I’ve learned over the years in my classes and also learning all the clever tricks and tips you’ll share with me!

When I came across Mummas and Beans I was instantly drawn to the non-judgemental ethos and I knew this was the perfect next step for me! I truly believe that with my experience and the amazing Mummas and Beans classes, specifically tailored to babies age and delevopment, I will be able to offer the best experience for the Mummas and Beans in and around Chislehurst and Bromley.

I look forward to meeting all the gorgeous new babies and helping you Mummas create the all important friendships to support you on this amazing journey.”

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