The Importance of ME

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time, and even though I don’t do New Years resolutions, one of them, if I did, would be to give more time and importance to ME. 

Since having kids nearly 13yrs ago, both my husband and I set up our own businesses, so money has always been in short supply. I readily buy the kids clothes, but the thought of buying something for myself is a total luxury! Our grand plans of making sure we make time for “us” with regular “date nights” has fizzled into a meal once every 5/6 months if we are lucky! 

But last year we went on a 4 day holiday on our own (well with friends but sans kids), that was the best 4 days I have had in a LONG time, so much so that we are doing it again in 34 sleeps (not that I am counting!!). I thought about the kids in those 4 days, I thought about them a lot, but I didn’t miss them, not once! The feeling of being free, for a prolonged period for the first time in 12yrs was unbelievable. I came home rejuvenated, fresh and a 100% better person for it. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life for anything, I love being a mum, it was the ONLY thing I knew I wanted out of life. I had no career path, just knew I had to be a mum.  But the monotony of motherhood, the giving of everything, the pretty much sole responsibility of keeping  humans alive, the constant juggling of work, parenthood and family life is bloody exhausting and draining. 

In preparation for our upcoming holiday, I booked some Personal Training sessions, I have never had a Personal Trainer, I haven’t even been able to justify a gym membership on myself in 13yrs!  I am beginning to realise, after spouting it to our mums for years, that I am important! So Personal Training session booked, even then, I  still felt the need to justify the sessions, every person I told I was having a session, I had to follow it up with, “I have never had one before”, like I had to somehow justify that I was worth spending money on!

Today I finished work,  I had an hour in between getting home and needing to go pick kids up. Ordinarily I would have squeezed an hour of admin in, time when you work for yourself is so precious. However, I went out for a run, me in the fresh air, music in my ears, and I dedicated the hour to myself and it felt good! My next plan is to book a hair cut (first one since July lol), and a beauty treatment (check me out)!

So mums, we are so important, your kids don’t function without a functioning you! If you are in an airplane crash, you are told to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others, including your children. You are no use to them if you are not there and well. So if you are reading this, please, right now, do something for may be going and sitting in a huge bubble bath with a glass of fizz, or booking a massage, do it, now, you need it!