Your Baby "Should"....there is "scientific evidence"...

This blog is inspired by some recent feedback we have received. I am inspired to write it as I find it increasingly difficult to manage parents expectations with the amount of knowledge and information out there right now. 


your Baby “should” be sleeping through the night by….

your baby “should” be eating 3 meals a day by….

your baby “should” be crawling by….

I think we need to replace most “shoulds” with “coulds”! 

The reason being, babies are tiny humans (I use this quite a lot in my blogs I admit), tiny humans, like, big humans, don't fit into moulds!

Now being in the business I am in, I follow lots of different “baby businesses”, and there are loads out there now! I saw an update from one, a maternity nurse, who had managed to get newborn (4wk old) twins into a set routine at bedtime. They were asleep by 7pm, and not fed again until 3.30am. I then look at a blog by someone else, equally claiming to be an “expert” that babies aren’t supposed to “self soothe” or “sleep through” until they are at least 1yr old.

I read “scientific research” that tells me how important sleep is to humans, how it is the time that babies grow and develop, then I read “scientific research” that tells me my baby is not able to “self soothe” or sleep without parental input. 

So who is right?? The mum who desperately needs routine, and employs a maternity nurse who equally truly believes her routine to be beneficial, or the other mum who believes she needs to be baby led?

The truth is both are right! My best friend started training in Triathlons 5yrs ago, ran her first half iron man yesterday. She tells me I will “love” running once I start!? She LOVES running! I started, trained couch to 5k last year, I went “running every week for 10wks.  I LOVE being out there on my own, do I love running? No I bloody don’t! I would far rather sit down and eat a chocolate bar!!

So I could enjoy running, but I don’t! Your baby “could” sleep through the night from 3m, or they could sleep through from 14m. Your baby could eat 3 meals a day by 7m, or they might wait till nearer 9m. Because we are ALL DIFFERENT!! 

One size does not fit all! What one baby does, should or could do has absolutely no bearing on what another baby, should or could do!!! Pick up hints and tips, take advice you like the sound of, ignore the advice you don't, but don't expect your baby to fit a particular mould, they won’t!