His Birth Story - Jasper James Woodhatch

Jasper James Woodhatch – Birth Story

Monday 18th Feb

So my EDD (by my dates) was 26th Feb, however at my 12wks scan the hospital moved me to the 21st Feb (my birthday also lol!).  By the time I got to the 18th Feb, I had had so many false alarms and starts, I was beginning to think he was never going to make an appearance, even though I was only 39+4 by hospital dates, or 38+6 by mine!  My first daughter arrived at 38+4 and my second at 38+5 (so in fact he was a day later than them by my dates lol!)

I woke up at 5.30am on the Monday morning, thought I may be having more strong BH, but as I say had had so many, that didn't want to get my hopes up, dozed until 6.30am, and had a really strong contraction that I had to breathe through, again had had them before so didn't get too excited but it did feel slightly different  this time.

Our girls were due to go to their nanny’s for a sleep over, I wasn't keen on them going too far away so cancelled that and asked my mum to take them out for the day, she came and collected them at 9am, by which time I was definitely having either very strong BH or contractions, they weren't really uncomfortable but I definitely had to breathe through them. I rung Jane the “on call” midwife and told her that I thought stuff was happening, she asked how frequently they were coming and I had no idea! We had been ushering children out of the door and dealing with breakfast etc so hadn’t been timing them!

Now the house was quiet, I downloaded a contraction timer app (what did we do without smart phones lol), and started timing them, they were still bearable but were coming every 2-6mins and lasting for 45secs plus, so by 10am I rung Jane back and said I think she best start heading over (I knew she lived a fair distance away so it would take a while for her to get to us), again having had so many false starts, was still quite convinced they would turn up and I would have to send them away again lol!!

Jane said that Deanna (my midwife) was the second on call, so she would give her a call also and get her to head over, Jane lived 45min drive away, and Deanna only 30mins.

By this time they were definitely strengthening up, I was rotating between being on the birth ball, and leaning over it on all fours, I had already reverted to the escalator breath, which was just amazing, this teamed with visualsing the waves was immense!  The Daisy music went on, which again really helped me focus on riding the waves!

My husband, was like a cat on a hot tin roof...I sent him out at about 10.15am to go and get some bread so he could have some breakfast, as his pacing was driving me nuts lol! When he got back, he walked in with some marmite on toast, the smell was lovely!! However within seconds another contraction hit, and the sickness started to kick in, I shouted at him to get out with the toast as it smelt revolting lol!!

With the next contraction came the sickness properly, now having done birth twice before, I know for me when the sickness starts I am well and truly on the way, Simon also knows this so really started to panic, I was on all fours by this point rocking over the birth ball and head in a bucket, this was by far the worst part, I can deal with contractions no problem, but retching and being sick I cannot deal with!!

We were in the lounge with the curtains closed, and Simon just kept peering out of the curtains willing a midwife to show up lol!! At about 10.45ish I heard simons relief as he muttered the words “Deannas here”, (Jane didn't actually make it until I had delivered lol, so thank god Deanna was also on call!!!) Simon rushed to the front door and helped her carry all of her stuff in! I was so so pleased she was on call, having seen me for pretty much every antenatal appointment, and having been able to chat at length during pretty much each one, she knew exactly the type of birth I wanted and she is an amazing midwife and I felt totally comfortable with her!

As soon as she walked through the door, i asked for the anti sickness drugs, she got the injection out and relief from sickness was there! We had already talked about examinations in labour, and I had said that I didn't see the need for too many internals,