Birth is TOO IMPORTANT for shitty education!

Apologies, this is ranty and sweary!

I have spent another 15mins (at least) “enjoying” a rant with one of our wonderful Midwives! We were ranting about antenatal provision for you mums, the reason we were ranting, is because we are STILL seeing women coming through to us who have had either crap, wrong or totally misguided information at their antenatal class.

It is not my job to slate other antenatal providers, I am a true believer if we are doing a good job, there is no need to worry about competition. But, if the competition are giving wrong advice, and in its worse case, making mums cry (yes this is what has sparked this, a mum in tears as her antenatal class teacher had totally disempowered her, there is a complaint going in) then my blood starts boiling and I have to speak out!!

Mums, there is an alternative for your Antenatal Classes, in Guildford and surrounding, Clare runs the RSCH antenatal classes, they run in the hospital, but also now in the sure start centres more locally.  Mummas and Beans obviously also runs around here with myself, Steph, Clare & Kate ensuring the content of the class is GOOD.

For other areas, my mission is to bring Mummas and Beans Antenatal Classes to you all. These are MIDWIFE devised, this means you are getting CURRENT, UP TO DATE, TOTALLY non judgemental AND non biased information based on CURRENT guidelines. 

Please, please, please, do your research! Ask your friends! If they tell you that they attended an antenatal class and it was a bit crap, but they made great friends, that is NOT ENOUGH of a recommendation to do that class!!!  You CANNOT guarantee to make friends at an antenatal class (I know hundreds of  you have, but there are an equal proportion of you who haven't!) At no point, when they are booking you for an antenatal class, do they ask your hobbies or interest, they are not an introduction agency, they are an education provider, if that education is crap, they are NOT a good provider!! If you aren't going to do a good class, SAVE YOUR CASH!

I know you all want to make friends at antenatal class, but there is no guarantee, and if you don’t, AND you get shit information what have you achieved and gained for your £2-300 plus!!!??? 

There has been an explosion in baby/postnatal class providers in the last 10yrs, you WILL make friends postnatally if you don’t antenatally! 

Birth trauma is real, I am not telling you, by coming to one of our classes or joining a good antenatal class, we can guarantee you won't suffer birth trauma! But, by getting good information and having the right support, you will make your own informed decision and you are less likely to feel out of control, we CAN'T control birth, we CAN control ourselves. 

There is NO RIGHT WAY to give birth, you CANNOT FAIL at Birth, you DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT the system at every turn!! It is YOUR birth, YOU are in control, the way you have a great birth, is to open up your mind, understand the process and your options and to be an active participant. If you want to do an antenatal class, CHOOSE A GOOD ONE!!!!

Rant. Over. No. More. Capitals.