Baby Testimonials

I love bringing my Baby Betty to mummas and beans baby yoga class!
Betty is my youngest of 3 and I never did any classes with her two older brothers when they where babies as I didn’t think I would like it and thought I may not get on with other mums I didn’t know.
But how wrong could I have been, Betty and I love it! I went to give it a go and now really look forward to our weekly class and Betty’s confidence and mine around other mums and babies has grown and it’s just a lovely environment to socialise and teach your baby new things.
Everyone is so friendly and it’s so lovely to find that all of us mums experience the same daily things that you thought where problems just you where facing with your baby but then you find its normal for being a mum and everyone is agreeing and sharing their stories!
— Jo & Betty
My daughter Violet and I have just started the baby massage course at Mummas and Beans I was ridiculously nervous going in as Violet was born very prematurely and is on home oxygen so I was worried not only about germs but about how everyone would react to us. I had no reason to be nervous Everyone was really warm and friendly and the teacher was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away.
— Laura & Violet
Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and Steph for the wonderful classes we’ve been to over the last 12 months. I always recommend Mummas and Beans to friends as I feel all the classes (from Daisy Birthing to Yoga) have been so enjoyable and beneficial to us both. The main thing I say to people is that each class has been totally appropriate for the age and stage of the child. Other classes we did just didn’t seem to fit with what Clara could appreciate and do but she always loved the Mummas and Beans classes and so I felt totally relaxed going to them knowing that she wasn’t going to have some massive meltdown!
Going back to work means I can’t sign up for January although I heard on the grapevine that you might be doing something on Fridays for one year olds at some point - I’d be very interested in that if it happens.
— Lottie & Clara
I’m currently doing the Baby Massage class in Guildford, with my 12 weeks old, and it’s brilliant. Laura is a great teacher, so down to earth, and the class is relaxed and fun for babies and mums. The massage techniques are easy to follow and the postnatal bits for mums is great - it’s good to have a few minutes for me at the end of the class, especially to do those much needed (and easily forgotten) pelvic floor exercises!
The relaxed environment makes everyone feel at ease - some babies are feeding, some are crying, some are being massaged - but everything goes. It’s great to meet up with other mums and the location is great for me in Guildford as I can walk to it. I look forward to it every week!
— Clare

We did baby massage and yoga! We enjoy it a lot, and when I repeat the exercises and songs at home my daughter always laughs (though she never does it in the class!). Nicky creates really good atmosphere, every class is incredibly uplifting and energising. Cannot recommend it enough!
— Marina

Thanks for the lovely email. I can’t tell you how much Amelia and I have enjoyed ourselves your classes helped give me conference to get out and about with her and also gave me a chance to meet some lovely mummy’s.
— Kirsty & Amelia - Massage & Yoga

Just wanted to say that taking Flynn to Baby Yoga was one of the highlights of my mat leave, he absolutely loved it (and so did I) it was by far our favorite class. Hoping to bring him to Movers in the future, just trying to settle back in to the work routine and he’s at that in between age at the moment, will be in touch when I think he’s ready for it to see if there is space! All the best with the new venue, looking forward to seeing it in the future! Thanks again to you and to Laura.
— Helen & Flynn - Sensory Baby Yoga

I have been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for last week. Freddie and I thoroughly enjoyed the massaging and have been practicing at home. What I really wanted to thank you for however was the time you spent talking to me about colic, reflux and general baby unhappiness during the witching was so nice to talk to a non-judgemental expert who’s also a mummy. It might sound silly but I felt really empowered afterwards and have found it easier to trust my instincts since.
— Suzanna & Freddie

I joined Baby Massage with my daughter Sienna, when she was just a few weeks old and we both absolutely loved it. The classes were both informative and fun, and I was able to use the massage techniques at home each day after bath time to relax baby and spend some quality time with her. I felt it was a bit of ‘me’ time each week, plus an opportunity to meet other lovely new mums and their babies. Thoroughly recommend it to other new mums.
— Carina

Highly recommended to all the new mums! In this class you can learn how to interact with your very new baby, having fun but also learning how to soothe him and help him with colics, reflux, crying etc. Also great for the part dedicated to mummies postnatal movement! And of course, the social side of it: getting out of the house and meeting many lovely people who are going through what you’re experiencing!
— Alyssia

I attended Sensory Yoga with my daughter, my husband did too we all loved the classes and she has learnt a lot from attending them as have I whilst having a great time, I’m sure my daughters confidence is partly down to attending classes at mummas. What I also love is that if your little one wants to just do their own thing then they can. Both Nicky and Laura are fantastic teachers and very welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend attending their classes.
— Katherine