Antenatal Classes Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first Pregnancy, which Course should I choose?

Everyone is obviously different, but many first time mums will choose Daisy Birthing (Mums only) AS WELL as a Couples Course. For first timers this tends to be Mummas Complete (5wk Couples Course). They like the comprehensive nature and the fact that the sessions run over 5wks, making it a great opportunity to meet other parents.  For those who are looking for a more condensed Couples Course, Mummas Essentials is popular. 

This is my Second/Subsequent Baby, which course should I choose?

Daisy Birthing is hugely popular with both first and second timers. Second timers love the fact that it gives them 1.5hrs per week of pure relaxation and focus on their growing bump. If you then choose to add a Couples Course in, the Active Birth Workshop is a good refresher workshop. 

Daisy Birthing is a movement based birth prep/education class, so we incorporate elements of yoga and hypnobirthing but combined into an all encompassing class. If you have done Yoga you may recognise some of our movements but  many mums will do pregnancy yoga alongside Daisy Birthing. 

What is the difference between Daisy Birthing & Pregnancy Yoga

Each Daisy Birthing course runs in blocks of 6. Each week, over the course of 6wks, you will learn a different education topic, so a minimum of 6 is recommended.  Daisy Birthing works on building muscle memory, the more you do, the more you learn, and we want the movement, breathing techniques and relaxation to become inherent. Many mums say the first block of 6 they learn, the second block of 6 they relax into it, you can then of course come back for more pay as you go if you need a refresher towards the end. 

Do I need to sign up to 6 or 12wks of Daisy Birthing?

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