Active Birth Workshop

A great workshop for second (or more) timers as a refresher, or for those wanting a shorter Couples workshop.

Down to earth and practical this workshop will take you through the different stages of labour, it will help you get a real understanding of what happens to your body during labour and how you can make that process as efficient as possible.

We learn specific breathing and partner techniques for use during labour, and we also talk about other forms of pain relief, induction and when things "go off plan".

£80 per couple

Antenatal packages

If you are interested in adding Daisy Birthing you may be want to take one of our Antenatal Packages. 

“Thanks so much again for today. We feel armed with lots of very practical tools to see us through whatever may happen in coming months! Despite being second timers we still learnt an awful lot!!”
— 2nd Time Parents

Course Dates, Locations and booking

Godalming/Cranleigh Couples

Saturday 5th August | 10am - 2pm | Little Harriers Nursery Dunsfold Park

Saturday 23rd September | 10am - 2pm | Little Harriers Nursery Dunsfold Park

Saturday 4th November | 10am - 2pm | Little Harriers Nursery Dunsfold Park

Farnham Couples

Saturday 14th October | 10am - 2pm | Caterpillar Nursery

Saturday 2nd December | 10am - 2pm | Caterpillar Nursery